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Email from Andrew Sagor to Todd Buchwald, Joshua Dorosin and Others re: Clearance and Comments Needed on Red Border Response Letter

July 22, 2004 | DOS | ACLU-RDI 4009
Email from Andrew Sagor to Todd F. Buchwald, Joshua L. Dorosin, Robin H. Sakoda and Cara L. Abercrombie re: Clearance/comments needed on red response letter, with an attachment not included. Mr. Sagor's comments are "S/WC1 has been tasked to respond to this red border soonest concerning a detainee said to be held at Abu Ghraib. There are several other letters like it as well. I've drafted a response in coordination with NEM and am requesting your comments/clearance so Amb. Prosper can sign it before COB today. Thanks for your help, Andy Sagor."