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Emails between Edward Lueckenhoff, Gary Bald, Chris Briese and Others re: Allegations Regarding Abu Ghraib Prison

Jan. 22, 2004 | FBI | ACLU-RDI 3486
Email describes Abu Ghraib Prison and the challenges in running it. Ed Lueckenhoff states that he met with AUSAs Dana Biehl and Bruce Pagel who toured the prison. Pagel advised Lueckenhoff that he was aware of the allegations of abuse at the prison, and that it is his understanding that Gen. Sanchez is fully aware of the matter [as well]. A reply email from an FBI agent who also toured the prison stated that he "was not aware of nor did I observe any of the unacceptable treatment of prisoners depicted by the media. The same goes for the other team members of the interview team during rotation"