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Emails between Gary M. Bald, Valerie E. Caproni, Arthur M. Cummings and others re: Request for Guidance Regarding General Counsel's Communique of May 22, 2004 to Report Incidents of Abuse

May 22, 2004 | FBI | ACLU-RDI 3106
These emails are to clarify an Electronic Communication (EC) sent by the FBI's Office of the General Counsel to field agents informing them that they must report incidents of abuse that they know of or become aware of. The initial email requests guidance on describing torture and abuse since rules on enhanced interrogation techniques was issued to deal with hardened Taliban and Al Qaeda. The email states "We have also instructed our personnel not to participate in interrogations by military personnel which might include techniques authorized by Executive Order but beyond the bounds of standard FBI practice This instruction has been included in our in-briefs to all three rotations, periodically in staff meetings, and in one-on-one conversations." and "We emphatically do not equate any of these things our personnel witnessed with the clearly unlawful and sickening abuse at Abu Ghraib prison that has come to light. The things our personnel witnessed (but did not participate in) were authorized by the President under Executive Order. I can safely say that none of the employees during our three rotations witnessed the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison."