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DOJ Memo from David Margolis to the AG Re: Memo of Decision Re: Objections to the Findings of Professional Misconduct in the OPR's Report of Investigation into the OLC's Memo Concerning Issues Relating to the CIA's Use of "EITs" on Suspected Terrorists

Jan. 5, 2010 | ACLU-RDI 6614
This is a January 5, 2010 memorandum written by David Margolis, Associate Deputy Attorney General, to the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General. It contains Margolis' review of OPR's findings of misconduct against Yoo and Bybee. Margolis presents his analysis of the OPR report, ultimately concluding that he does not agree with OPR's findings of misconduct and therefore will not authorize OPR to refer its findings to the state bar disciplinary authorities in the jurisdictions where Yoo and Bybee were licensed.