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Court-Martial: Staff Sergeant Scott A. McKenzie (Verbatum Record of Trial Included)

Jan. 7, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 1303
Court Martial proceedings of Staff Sergeant Scott A. McKenzie, of the 320th MP Battalion at Camp Bucca, Iraq. Charged in relation to incident involving McKenzie abusing Iraqi prisoners of war when they were transported to Camp Bucca. He was one of four soldiers investigated. McKenzie was also accused of trying to impede an investigation into the incident. Charges and testimony indicate that while the four soldiers escorted prisoners from the bus to the camp, they assaulted and dragged prisoners (some of whom were already injured) to the holding area. The abuse included throwing a prisoner "to the ground striking him on the head and legs as he walked to the in-processing tent" and holding a prisoner's "legs apart and encouraging other soldiers to kick him, while other US soldiers kicked him in the groin, face and abdomen," throwing prisoner "to the ground on his face and stepping on his previously injured arm," and "twisting his previously injured arm, causing him to scream in pain." Testimony from accused, fellow soldiers, prisoners and CID Agent.