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Court-Martial: Specialist Armin J. Cruz, Vol. I of II (Verbatim Trial of Record Included)

Sept. 11, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 963
In October 2003, Specialist Cruz participated in the abuse of detainees in the Hard Site at Abu Ghraib. Spc. Cruz and others ordered three (3) detainees to strip naked. The detainees were handcuffed together with metal handcuffs "to mess with them." Spc. Cruz and others made the detainees get down on the ground and crawl naked on their elbows such that their genitals were dragging along the floor, causing them "physical suffering and humiliation". Detainees do Physical Training (PT), i.e. jumping jacks, roll left or right, while naked. Spc. Cruz then poured cold water on the naked detainees. Ultimately the detainees were handcuffed with their naked bodies pressed tightly together in such a fashion as to suggest the men were sodomizing one another, and while in this position Spc. Cruz used his feet "to press the detainees closer together". The detainees were in a state of terror, pain and hopelessness throughout the abuse (3102). At one point, Spc. Cruz noticed that one of the detainees started bleeding around the handcuffs. He told the soldiers to loosen the handcuffs and then he left. The next day he reported what had happened with the detainees. Spc. Cruz pled guilty to all charges was sentenced to a reduction in rank to Private E1 (from E4), confinement for 8 months and discharge with a bad-conduct discharge.