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CID Report (Death): 0333-2005-CID259-36381-5H9B; Rashid Salman Mohammad Al Ghurairi, Kalsu, Iraq, November 13, 2005 ("Undetermined")

Feb. 8, 2006 | CID | ACLU-RDI 5489
This is a CID report in to the death of detainee Rashid Salman Mohammad Al Ghurairi while being transported following his arrest at his home near Kalsu, Iraq on November 13, 2005. It is reported that Mr. Al Ghurairi suffered an apparent cardiac arrest while in a helicopter en route to Forward Operating Base (FOB) Kalsu, Iraq. CPR was initiated, but failed to revive Mr. Al Ghurairi. Mr. Ghurairi was pronounced dead upon arrival at the FOB. This investigative report contains fourteen (14) Sworn Statements & interviews, records of the raid and transportation, as well as interviews with medical personnel. No Autopsy included because Mr. Al Ghurairi's remains were released to his family for burial.