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CID Report (Death): 0149-03-CID469-60209

Nov. 23, 2003 | CID | ACLU-RDI 130

Investigation into the death of detainee Obeed Hethere Radad at Camp Packhorse, Tikrit, Iraq. A specialist from the 4th Fwd. Support. Bn., 4ID, shot and killed Mr. Radad, without first issuing warnings as required under the Rules of Engagement. CID did not receive a report of the incident until September 15, 2003, four days after the incident. Because of the delay no autopsy was performed, the crime scene was significantly altered before any investigation took place, and evidence was not collected. CID determined that probable cause existed for a murder charge. However, because of a lack of useful evidence, the specialist was not tried at a court-martial, but was demoted and then dismissed from the army.

  • 2003-09-11, FOB Packhorse (Camp Cougar), Iraq, Death
    • Detainee Obeed Hethere Radad was shot by a specialist acting as a guard at Camp Packhorse in Tikrit, Iraq on September 11, 2003. The incident occurred while Mr. Radad was being held in an isolation cell for questioning. Mr. Radad had been warned to stay seated and not approach the concertina wire that was in the cell. When the specialist saw that Mr. Radad had gotten up and was leaning over the concertina wire, the specialist fired on the detainee without issuing a verbal warning as required by standard operating procedure. The shot hit Mr. Radad in the arm and entered his abdomen, causing an injury from which Mr. Radad later died. The incident was not reported until September 15, 2003 at which point it was too late to perform an autopsy or collect useful evidence. The specialist was demoted and dismissed from the U.S. Army.