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CID Report (Death): 0142-04-CID389-80688-5H1A/9J; Unknown Iraqi Male, Mosul, Iraq, November 11, 2004 ("Homicide")

Mar. 1, 2005 | CID | ACLU-RDI 5481
A CID Investigation into the death of an unidentified Iraqi combatant who was shot after being wounded on the field of battle. The investigation found that a Sergeant on a raid that escalated in to a firefight "committed the offense of Murder" when he shot the detainee who had already been wounded. It is reported that the squad came under heavy gun fire and mortar fire and was unable to evacuate the wounded detainee. It was than that the Sergeant leveled his rifle on the detainee and shot him, killing him. This file contains the investigative report and includes Sworn Statements of soldiers who were involved in the firefight and witnessed the shooting. The report concluded that the Sergeant who shot a detainee who "had no means to resist." The Sergeant was ultimately demoted from E-6 to E-1 and given an "Other Than Honorable" discharge.