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CID Report (Death): 0100-2006-CID789-78473-5H6; Salah Safak Hamed, Baghdad Central Confinement Facility (BCCF), Abu Ghraib, Baghdad, Iraq, July 5, 2006 ("Homicide")

May 9, 2007 | CID | ACLU-RDI 5532
This is a CID investigation into the death of Salah Safak Hamed. Mr. Hamed was a detainee that was transferred to the Baghdad Central Confinement Facility (BCCF) Combat Support Hospital (CSH), Abu Ghraib, Baghdad, Iraq from the 10th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) on June 25, 2006, for treatment for gun shot wounds. It is reported that Mr. Hamed was admitted to the hospital after being taken in to custody by US forces following a firefight with Iraqi Forces near Balad, Iraq. It is further reported that on May 15th, Mr. Hamed became engaged with Iraqi Forces at a roadside checkpoint, and was shot several times while being taken in to custody, and suffered several serious wounds. On July 5th, while under treatment at the BCCF CSH, Mr. Hamed experienced a medical emergency that caused him to stopped breathing. CPR was initiated, but failed to revive him. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Cause of Death: Gun Shot Wounds; Manner of Death: Homicide (Justifiable).