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CID Report: 0841-04-CID259-80230

Mar. 8, 2004 | CID | ACLU-RDI 1548
CID Report Agent's Investigative Report details of investigation starting in 03/08/2004 when a detainee allegedly had been abused. Records the abuse described above and the successive interviews to determine the validity of the alleged abuse. The investigator concludes that the case is founded based upon the examination by the Doctor as mentioned above in which he concludes that there is not substantial evidence from the photographs to indicate whether or not abuse occured.
  • 2004-02-08, Camp Baghdadi, Iraq
    • A detainee claims to have been assaulted while in custody at Camp Al Baghdadi. The detainee had his injuries substantiated and the conclusion of the report was that the detainee was abused. The report found that the detainee was handcuffed and dragged across the ground, "hog tied" and hung (suspended) from a chain by his handcuffs, kicked,. and forced to drink water until he vomited.