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CID Report: 0293-2004-CID259-80309

July 4, 2005 | CID | ACLU-RDI 2299
A detainee claims that he was in a vehicle with other Iraqi men who possessed AK-47s. The men attempted to avoid a road-side checkpoint and were stopped by US gunfire. While the men were detained at the roadside, several Iraqi civilians began to attack and accuse the men of rape and murder of an Iraqi woman. The US soldiers stopped this attack and questioned the men with the aid of an interpreter. The men denied the accusation. The men were then transported to an unknown location where they were they claim they subjected to disco-type music, and was told "The big Satan will beat you". The detainee and the other men were then transported (without incident) to Abu Ghraib prison where they again claim to have been abused. The investigation showed them men were under constant control during this time and there are no corroborating witnesses or medical evidence to substantiate their claims. The investigation determined the claims of abuse to be unfounded.