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CID Report: 0221-04-CID259-80255

June 12, 2005 | CID | ACLU-RDI 2298
Detainee alleged that while at Abu Ghraib prison several soldiers slapped; punched; choked; struck his head, shoulders, and arms with a retractable metal baton; jumped on him; forced him to lean against a wall in a seated position; forced him to sit on a retractable baton until it entered his rectum; punched him until he lost consciousness; forced him to perform push-ups; and threatened to rape him. The report found that the detainee was held and interrogated, but that this interrogation was well documented and witnessed. None of the witnesses substanciated the detainee's account. In addition, the medical records of the detainee do not show the injuries he states he was subject to. The report concluded that there was insufficient evident to prove charges.