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CID Report: 0094-04-CID259-80177

June 10, 2004 | CID | ACLU-RDI 14

Approximately 73-year-old Iraqi woman reported that she had been subjected to assault and sexual abuse, including being sodomized with a stick and touched in private areas; that she was forced to "swim" in water thrown on the floor and was "ridden" like an animal by a soldier;  that a male detainee was disrobed in front of her; and that a dog was let loose in a room where she and three other Iraqi women were being held, attacking one of the other women. She also said that her captors placed her in a room with another detainee and asked if she knew him. She responded that he was a famous man always on the television. Detainee reported abuse on 4/29/04 or earlier. The file indicates that the woman was captured by Task Force 20, which an email describes as "a Delta Force outfit comprised of about 750 to 1500 troops from various units. Their job was to track High Value Targets." The investigation "did not develop sufficient evidence to prove or disprove Ms [REDACTED]'s allegation...."

  • 2003-08-11, Camp Cropper, Iraq
    • A 73-year-old Iraqi female reported that during the period of August 11-31, 2003, she was detained at Camp Cropper and transported to an unknown location.  Cash and jewelry were taken from her and not returned.  She was confined alone in a small bathroom for approximately five days without food or water.  She was hooded and subjected to loud music.  A male in desert camouflage and wearing a name tag and an American-flag patch physically beat, pushed, tripped, and stepped on her, resulting in broken bones and bruises.  The same male poured water on the floor and forced her to "swim" from one end of the room to the other.  He straddled her and "rode" her like an animal, striking her buttocks with a stick.  He then anally sodomized her with the stick.  A female also dressed in desert camouflage and wearing a name tag and American-flag patch was present during some of the abuse.   After this incident, she was unable to walk and a physician at the location gave her medical care.  She was put in a room with other female detainees, where a dog was turned loose and attacked one of the women.  A male detainee was forced to strip in front of her.  After her release, she reported the incident.  The Army investigated the allegations, which it was unable to confirm or deny.