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CIA Memo re: Interview Senior CIA Officer Regarding CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program

July 17, 2003 | CIA-OIG | ACLU-RDI 4616

Memorandum for the record regarding a meeting with a senior CIA officer about the detention and interrogation program of the CIA. The unredacted portions of the document primarily discuss the alleged effectiveness of the program. [REDACTED] met with [REDACTED], a woman who presumably was in some sort of position of authority in the CTC's RDI program, to interview her concerning her thoughts on the program. Listed in the document are a few detainees subjected to the CIA's interrogation program: Abu Zubaydah, Ramzi bin al Shibh, and Khalid Shaykh Muhammed. Also mentioned as being arrested as a result of the information from these interrogations are: Majid Khan, who is said to have been involved in "the gas station plot," Khalid bin Atash, "involved in the Heathrow plot," [REDACTED] and Zubair, listed as being involved in a plot to blow up the California Library Tower and the tallest building in California, and Amar al Baluchi, who is said to have had the U.S. Consulate in Karachi as his target. [OIG Remand Vaughn #Interview-83]