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CIA Cable: Formal Authorization to Proceed with Portions of Next Phase of Abu Zubaydah Interrogation

July 1, 2002 | CIA | ACLU-RDI 6603
This cable provides formal authorization to proceed with portions of the next phase of Abu Zubaydah's interrogation, which include "more aggressive techniques" in order to obtain information, that the interrogation team concludes he is withholding, about al Qaida operatives in the US and planned al Qaida attacks against US citizens and interests. The approved techniques include employing the confinement box, attention grasp, walling, facial hold, facial slap, cramped confinement, wall standing, stress positions, sleep deprivation, use of diapers, and use of harmless insects. Formal approval for the remainder of techniques will follow once approved by the DOJ. Headquarters defers to [redacted] as to whether they should proceed with the partial implementation of the next phase or wait until all techniques have been approved by the DOJ.