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An OLC memo from John Yoo to John Rizzo regarding "what is necessary to establish the crime of torture." The memo states that an individual must act with the "specific intent" to inflict severe mental pain or suffering to have committed torture, ...
Aug. 31, 2016
Legal Memo
John C. Yoo
John A. Rizzo
John C. Yoo, John A. Rizzo, Jennifer Koester

This letter from Rizzo, Acting General Counsel, to Philbin forwards a copy of John Yoo's memo of July 13, 2002 addressing "what is necessary to establish the crime of torture." [OLC Vaughn Index #49]

Aug. 24, 2009
Legal Memo, Letter
John A. Rizzo
Patrick Philbin
John A. Rizzo, Patrick Philbin, John C. Yoo, Jennifer Koester