After September 11, 2001, U.S. officials authorized the cruel treatment and torture of prisoners held in Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo, and the CIA's secret prisons overseas.

This database documents the U.S. government's official experiment with torture. At present, the database contains well over 100,000 pages of government documents obtained primarily through Freedom of Information Act litigation and requests filed by the ACLU, and through litigation of Salim v. Mitchell, a lawsuit brought by the ACLU on behalf of the survivors and the family of a dead victim of the CIA torture program. To learn more about the database, please read the About and Search Help pages. If you're a developer, you can also access this data through our API.

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This document is a statement signed by an FBI Special Agent in the presence of a Supervisory Special Agent. The agent recounts their assignment by the Defense Humint Services Headquarters to lead a Humint Augmentation Team in support of a special ...
This considerably redacted investigative file by the FBI transcribes an interview with an FBI Special Agent. The interview's nature seems to be to obtain additional facts surrounding allegations made against a fellow FBI Agent, who may or may not ...
Apr. 27, 2009
Investigative File, Interview
Sleep deprivation, Other
CID investigation into the death of a detainee, Manadel Al-Jamadi. Mr. Al-Jamadi was captured on Nov. 4, 2003 by members of U.S. Navy Seal Team Seven (ST-7), who located Mr. Al-Jamadi at his residence south of Baghdad, Iraq. Mr. Al-Jamadi ...
Oct. 01, 2008
Investigative File (CID)
Manadel Al-Jamadi
Physical assault, Stomach/abdominal slap, Other

An email from an FBI agent responding to a question about alleged abuse at Guantanamo Bay. The agent stated that he was stationed at Guantanamo Bay from June 2, 2003 to July 17, 2004. During the agent's time at GTMO, he/she occasionally ...

FBI Interviewed the Special Agent regarding his assignment to Guantanamo Bay. The agent was assigned to Guantanamo Bay as an interrogator from June 2, 2003 to July 17, 2003. During that time, the interviewee occasionally observed DOD personnel ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Non-legal Memo, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Sleep deprivation, Environmental manipulation, Light or sound, Other Humiliation, Sexual, Religious, Other
Emails discuss detainee abuse at Guantanamo Bay. In the original message, the author states that they observed aggressive treatment that was personally upsetting to the author, they added that treatment was perpetrated by military personnel and ...
Jan. 02, 2007
U.S. Marine Corps. command investigation into two allegations of detainee abuse taking place at Camp Fallujah, Iraq. In the first allegation, a witness alleged that he/she observed a rapid deployment force (RDF) guard make a detainee perform ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Investigative File
Abdullah Tohtasinovich Magrupov, Jamal Malik al Harith
Physical assault, General, Forced physical training, Other
This document is a statement by [redacted], who was in direct supervision of detainee/guard interactions at a regimental detention facility. On July 4, 2004, officers were on duty at the facility and allegedly abused a detainee. A witness told ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Interview (Transcript)
Abdullah Tohtasinovich Magrupov, Bacha Khan, Dawd Gul
Physical assault, General, Other
A Marine provided a statement in which he/she described various incidents of abuse that he/she either witnessed or heard about while stationed at an unknown detention facility. In the first incident, occurring on or about July 3, 2004, the ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Interview (Statement)
Khalid Rashd Ali al Muri, Jamal Malik al Harith
Physical assault, General, Threat, Other Humiliation, Forced physical training, Other
This document is a statement by a Marine who was accused of detainee abuse. The Marine was stationed at Camp Fallujah, Iraq, from June 2004 to July 4, 2004. A witness alleged that on or about July 4, 2004, the Marine made a detainee stand up and ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Interview (Statement)
Physical assault, General, Other