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Incomplete account of detainee abuse. Pages are missing and the document is not complete. The detainee claimed that the guard made threatening gestures, shined a light in his eyes.
Dec. 21, 2005
Non-legal Memo
Refers to AR 15-6 investigation's conclusion that the JDOG personnel investigated did not mistreat a person and that allegations were unsupported by evidence. The interrogation was of a high valued detainee at Camp Delta Guantanamo on March 23, ...
July 22, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Investigative File (AR 15-6)
Jay W. Hood
Physical assault, General, Other
This report by a DAIG Team interviewed 24 individuals and conducted 4 sensing sessions consisting of 23 Soldiers. All Soldiers interviewed and sensed were given surveys to assess factors associated with combat stress. The inspection took place ...
Death Certificate for a 27 year old male Iraqi detainee. Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest. Place of Death: 67th Combat Support Hospital; CID#: 0216-04-CID389-80649
Apr. 18, 2005
Medical (Death Certificate)
Civilian contractor for CACI working at Abu Ghraib prison as a Screener on October 8, 2008. The gentleman did not recall receiving Geneva Convention training, but was experienced in military operations and was aware of the general provisions of ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Interview (Statement)