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Investigation into the death of Hamza Hassad Tawfeek Najm Byaty. Mr. Byaty had been detained at Baghdad International Airport and was being transported in a bus when he became short of breath, hypotensive, and tachycardic. An IV briefly ...

Dec. 30, 2004
Investigative File (CID)
John Peterson
Hamza Hassad Tawfeek Najm Byaty, Zaid Muhammed Tariq, Taleb Ehad Kazen, Abed Mohammed Najem, Dahm Spah

An investigation into the death on August 22, 2003 of Mohamed Tariq Zaid, a detainee at Armor Battalion Detention Facility, Baghdad, Iraq. The investigation states that Mr. Zaid was discovered lying on the ground with shallow respirations and ...

Nov. 08, 2004
Investigative File (CID)
John Peterson, Jacqueline J. Scott
Zaid Muhammed Tariq, Hamza Hassad Tawfeek Najm Byaty, Abed Mohammed Najem, Dahm Spah, Taleb Ehad Kazen
Report of investigation and accompanying documents into the death of Najem Abed Mohamed (ISN 13020). Detainee died in custody on August 8, 2003 at Baghdad Central Confinement Facility. The investigation concluded that the manner of death was ...
Oct. 15, 2004
Investigative File (CID)
Abed Mohammed Najem