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Emails discuss a statement by Colin L. Powell regarding Uyghur detainees. Mr. Powell apparently stated in an article (link provided) that the Uyghur detainees would not be sent back to China.
State Department email from David W. Bowker to JoAnn Dolan, Edward R. Cummings, Joshua L. Dorosin, Andre M. Surena and Ronald W. Miller forwarding several emails concerning the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) visiting the ...
Emails between JoAnn Dolan, Joshua L. Dorosin, Todd F. Buchwald and Others re Urgent Clearance: Checklist for ICRC Kellenberger Meeting with S. Attachments not included, minor comments concerning the attachements.
Emails between Ronald W. Miller and Joshua L. Dorosin re: Comments on DOD Paper. The email contains an attachment, not included. The comments on the initial email from Joshua Dorosin states "Ron/JoAnn - I'll be pulling comments together today ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Ronald W. Miller
Joshua L. Dorosin
Monica J. Tillery, Ronald W. Miller, Joshua L. Dorosin, JoAnn J. Dolan, Edward R. Cummings
Email from JoAnn Dolan to Joshua L. Dorosin, Edward R. Cummings, Katherine Gorove and Ronald W. Miller re: Public Diplomacy Docs. The comments from Ms. Dolan are "It is probably too late to get it in circulation before the SVTS. Let's get a final ...
Emails refer to a draft cable. [The more recent email is redacted; document is not included].