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Email refers to preparatory interview questions for DOD Officials, Colonel Thomas Pappas, Brigadier General James Coggin, Deputy Commanding General Walter Wojdakowski, Lieutenant General Kieth B. Alexander and Commanding General Donald J. Ryder, ...
This document is an exchange of emails between Army Officials concerning an upcoming interview with the Schlesinger Panel. The document is mostly redacted but states in the top email "Interview Prep Page Ryder.doc: Sir, here are all of the panel ...
Feb. 15, 2006
Donald J. Ryder
Donald J. Ryder, James R. Schlesinger, Walter Wojdakowski, Thomas Pappas, Keith B. Alexander

An email between members of the Staff Judge Advocate, forwarding a Washington Post article titled "Documents Helped Sow Abuse, Army Report Finds," from August 30, 2004.