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Email from Robert Harris forwarding an email with and attached news article entitled "Pentagon Report set framework for use of torture."
Email from Robert K. Harris reads: "For your information and possible L/PM and/or L/FO coordination." The original email is a "Press Gaggle" by Scott McClellan, it includes three questions about the International Committee of the Red Cross' ...
State Department Routing and transmittal slip for Sam Witten, David Kaye, David Bowker, Peter Mason, Mike Mattler re: VOA Editorials
Dec. 30, 2004
David Kaye | Samuel M. Witten | David W. Bowker | Peter Mason | Mike Mattler
Samuel M. Witten, David A. Kaye
Emails between Nina Schou, Robert Harris, JoAnn Dolan, Todd Buchwald and Others re: Human rights groups and members of the small overseas community of ethnic Uyghurs are urging the United States to scrap any plans to send back to China ethnic ...
Email from Robert Harris to Nina E. Schou, Gilda M. Brancado, Francis M. Gaffney, Katherine M. Gorove, JoAnn Dolan and Samuel M. Witten forwarding a letter from Kofi Annan on behalf of the Uighur community about the oppression of the Uighur ...
Email indicates that a document regarding a "torture notional statement" is attached. [Document is not included].
Emails discuss pleas from human rights groups, like Amnesty International, urging the U.S. to not return Uyghur detainees back to China. The detainees are currently being held in Guantanamo Bay, there is fear that if they are returned the Uyghurs ...
State Department email from JoAnn Dolan to Jonathan B. Schwartz and Samuel M. Witten with a draft attachment and a comment "Attached is a draft IM on the court cases yesterday"
The original email includes a Reuters news article entitled: "Pentagon Opposes Independent Prison Abuse Probe." The article reports that the Pentagon opposed calls from human rights groups for an independent investigation of detainee abuse.
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