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Refers to CRM comments/DoD Letter on Detainee Amendments to DoD Auth Bill (S 2004). States, "We have no comments" regarding the CRM review of the DoD draft letter.
Oct. 15, 2004
Michelle Morales
Julie Samuels | Patrick Rowan | David Nahmias | Eli Rosenbaum | Deborah Rhodes | Adrien Silas
Michelle Morales, Adrien Silas
Refers to Remaining CRM papers. The rest is completely redacted.
Email from Peter B. Owen requests estimated time of arrival of Iraq talking points from recipients. Reply from Patrick Rowan attaches two drafts (MEJA jurisdiction and Prison Abuse).

Refers to FBI Caproni draft testimony for a 07-14-04 hearing re the Critical Need for Interrogation in the Global War on Terrorism. No attachments provided. Text entirely redacted.

Email from Jordan Leiter to Julie Samuels referencing an attachment bearing the name "CRIM DIV comment on draft DOJ statement on Interrogation in War Against Terrorism".
Oct. 15, 2004
Jordan Leiter
Julie Samuels
Jordan Leiter, Julie E. Samuels
Email from Joseph Jones to Rena Cornisac, Adam Isles, Julie Samuels, Patrick Rowan, David Nahmias, Bruce Swartz, Peter B. Owen, and Terrie Johnson following an email chain. The subject line reads "Briefing Papers" and the text is entirely redacted.