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This memo refers to the CIA Office of Inspector General's investigation into the "facts and circumstances surrounding the death in U.S. custody of Iraqi detainee Manadal Al-Jamaidi. Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, Mona B. ...

Mar. 15, 2013
Non-legal Memo
Mona B. Alderson
Christopher A. Wray | Bruce Swartz
Mona B. Alderson, Christopher A. Wray, Bruce Swartz, Barry Sabin
Manadel Al-Jamadi

Two emails that are almost fully redacted, one of which includes an attachment entitled "Iraq_Detainees-AGRefers."

Refers to informal comments on memo. All other info redacted.

Refers to MEJA Materials-Statute, DOJ Guidance Memos, Final Draft of DOD Regulations. States that there are 4 attachments. All other info redacted.

Refers to "Update." All other info redacted.

Oct. 15, 2004
Barry Sabin
David Nahmias | Christopher A. Wray
Barry Sabin, David E. Nahmias, Christopher A. Wray

List of people to be notified of indictment in CIA NC case.

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