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An OLC memo from Daniel Levin (Acting Assistant Attorney General) to John Ashcroft (Attorney General) and James Comey (Deputy Attorney General), updating them on the status of interrogation advice. The letter contains sections for general ...

An OLC memo concluding that “the military has the legal authority to detain [Jose Padilla] as a prisoner captured during an international armed conflict,” and that the Posse Comitatus Act poses no bar.

This White House memo discusses the treatment of detainees taken in the War on Terror and how they are to be classified and the determination of their legal status.

Letter from Michael Posner, the Executive Director of Human Rights First to Attorney General John Ashcroft. The letter requests information on the investigation of those who reportedly committed acts of torture to hold them legally responsible ...

Dec. 15, 2004
Michael Posner
John D. Ashcroft
John D. Ashcroft
Letter seeking response regarding the contradiction between testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and media reports regarding the investigation of abuses by contractors at Abu Ghraib.
Oct. 15, 2004
Patrick Leahy
John D. Ashcroft
Patrick Leahy, John D. Ashcroft, William E. Moschella
Manadel Al-Jamadi