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This State Department email from Keith Loken forwards several attachements concerning the "Iraq Strategic Transition Plan Matrix" to other State Department officials. Attachements not included.
Emails between State Department Officials concerning "issues surrounding abuse of Iraqi detainees". the additional comments are "Did one of you already "rope in" Ed Cummings, as discussed? Thanks, Judy"
This State Department email is a forwarding of several emails initiated by David A. Kaye with attachments described as: 1) A basic law of armed conflict paper for the interagency; 2) Contingency press guidance on the status of persons captured ...
Email from David P. Stewart to James Hergan, Ronald J. Bettauer, Gilda M. Brancato and Others re: Lawyers Against Torture. Email states that some of the recipients' good friends are signatories of a Lawyers Against Torture statement.