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This is a statement by a marine regarding their knowledge of detainee abuse. The Marine mentioned only knowing of one incident where a fellow Marine said "ass" to a detainee. The Marine mentioned detainee, Abdullah Tohtasinovich Magrupov, but did ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Interview (Transcript)
James N. Mattis
Abdullah Tohtasinovich Magrupov
On April 16, 2004, members of Marine Corps stopped and detained three (3) men who were transferred to the Division Interrogation Facility (DIF). On April 26, 2004 the DIF released the trio to the custody of Task Force 6-26. They were then ...
June 28, 2006
Investigative File
James N. Mattis
Physical assault, General, Sexual
Marine Corps inquiry in to possible abuse of a detainee on April 13, 2004 at the Al Mahmudiya Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Iraq. Members of the guard force at the Detention Facility were accused of shocking a detainee using a power cord by ...
June 28, 2006
Non-legal Memo, Investigative File (AR 15-6)
James N. Mattis
James N. Mattis
Use of electricity
U.S. Marine Corps investigation into death of Awayed Wanas Jabar. Jabar was taken in to custody on April 17, 2004. He sustained a head injury in an escape attempt. A doctor examined him and said he was “OK”. A guard witnessed Jabar take his ...
May 15, 2006
Non-legal Memo, Investigative File
James N. Mattis
Walid Tawfiq Jabar
Stress positions, Other