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Email from Mark Mershon alerts Chris Swecker about a report of an unspecified matter of detainee abuse.
Emails between Valerie Caproni, Eleni Kalisch and Others re: Potential New Iraq Public Corruption Case
Valerie Caproni to Frankie Battle, Laura M. Laughlin and others re: Potential curruption concerning bid rigging and kickback schemes in Iraq, i.e. Coalition Provisional Authority.
FBI E-mail from Chris Swecker to Valerie E. Caproni re: UR714/SC/Detainee Abuse. [Email is heavily redacted] Later e-mails note that decision was made at DOJ that these matters would not be investigated as Civil Rights Violations. There is ...
Email chain concerning questions from Congress re: Detainee abuse allegations, Iraqi public corruption, contract fraud and Members of the House Armed Services Committee visiting Guantanamo on 5/25/2004
FBI memo from Criminal Investigative to all Field Offices concerning cases Case ID #: 66F-HQ-1339150 and 66F-HQ-C1384970. Entire contents redacted.
Dec. 15, 2004
Non-legal Memo
Laura M. Laughlin | Chris Swecker | Joseph R. Lewis
Laura M. Laughlin, Joseph R. Lewis, Chris Swecker
The emails discuss a request by Congressman Frank R. Wolf's office requesting their (FBI's) attendance at a press conference re: additional funding for gang investigations. In one email, Chris Swecker lists things to later discuss with Laura ...