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The document is an internal FBI email, regarding the personnel structure employed by the FBI when handling CSRT procedures as well as the appropriate person to represent the FBI during meetings between the Secretary of the Navy and the Solicitor ...
June 15, 2011
Valerie E. Caproni, James M. McGarrah, Thomas J. Harrington, Frankie Battle
Email discusses meeting to be scheduled re: Combatant Status Review Tribunal
May 18, 2005
Valerie E. Caproni
John F. Curran
Valerie E. Caproni, John F. Curran, Frankie Battle, James M. McGarrah, Paul Clement
Email details approval for the Guantanamo facility by Rear Admiral James M. McGarrah in charge of the Office of Administrative Review for Detained Enenmy Combatants
Dec. 15, 2004
Valerie E. Caproni
Valerie E. Caproni, Gordon R. England, James M. McGarrah
Emails between Marion E. Bowman, Valerie E. Caproni, John F. Curran and Others re: Travel to GTMO. A general in GTMO is objecting to an FBI task in GTMO. Admiral James McGarrah requests a "high level" FBI person to come to GTMO for a problem that ...