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This is a letter from CIA Assistant Inspector General for Investigations (name redacted) to Assistant U.S. Attorney James Candelmo, Eastern District of North Carolina, dated November 4, 2004. The letter is a response to AUSA Candelmo's request ...
Mar. 11, 2011
David Anthony Passaro, James A. Candelmo
FBI email re: Middle East Issue - FBI Conversation With AUSA James Candelmo, EDNC, Raleigh, NC. Contents redacted.
Dec. 15, 2004
James A. Candelmo
Emails between Mark Corallo, Bryan Sierra, David Nahmias, and others with the subject line "Passaro". The text of the email chain is entirely redacted.
David A. Passaro was a contractor working on behalf of CIA, indicted in relation to interrogation techniques that resulted in death of a detainee, Abdul Wali, in Afghanistan. The indictment alleges that Passaro "beat Adbul Wali, using his hands ...
Oct. 15, 2004
Judicial (Pleading)
Frank D. Whitney | James A. Candelmo | Michael P. Sullivan
David A. Passaro, Frank D. Whitney, James A. Candelmo, Michael P. Sullivan
Abdul Wali
Physical assault, General