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The document is a memorandum from the Department of Defense, regarding approved methods of interrogation. The document includes information on documents related to the Administration's interrogation policies, a congressional subpoena proposed by ...
The document is a transcript of proceedings from the United States Senate's Committee on the Judiciary. The transcript is a record of FBI Director Robert Mueller's statement regarding FBI oversight, terrorism and other topics.
The document is an internal FBI email sent from Eleni Kalisch to the Executive Secretariat, regarding overdue correspondence and Senator Feinstein's 2004 letter.
The document is an internal FBI email regarding a request for any letters or documents provided by the FBI in response to a letter from Senator Feinstein to Director Mueller concerning documents that had been released to the ACLU.
The document is a memorandum outlining talking points for a phone call conversation with Senator Feinstein, regarding FBI Director Mueller's testimony before the Judiciary Committee and a survey conducted after the hearing about the possible ...
Non-legal Memo
Dianne Feinstein, Robert S. Mueller