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An email that provides guidance on forwarding requests for interviews of FBI Special Agents regarding allegations of detainee abuse or deaths.
Oct. 30, 2009
Patrick W. Kelley, Toni M. Fogle, Thomas J. Harrington, Frankie Battle
The document is a series of internal FBI emails, regarding the JTF GTMO and SOUTHCOM requests for unredacted copies of documents released to the ACLU.
The document is an internal FBI email regarding a detainee's allegation of experiencing abusive treatment from two FBI agents in Afghanistan.
This document is an email describing the allegations of a detainee (whose name is redacted). The detainee claims to have been abused by two FBI agents in Afghanistan who later came back to interrogate him in GTMO. Detainee claimed that the FBI ...
The document is an internal FBI memorandum, regarding the mission overview of the FBI-Afghanistan Detachment based on the CTD Afghanistan Assessment Team (AAT) findings. The memorandum also includes information on detainee interviews and support ...
The document is an internal FBI email, regarding an update on Guantanamo legal processes and the authorization to continue detainee interrogation under Article 17 of the Geneva Convention of the Treatment of Prisoners of War.
June 15, 2011
Frankie Battle, Julie F. Thomas
The document is a memorandum summarizing the results of the 10/26/04 debriefing of a previous Iraq Deployment On-Scene Commander (OSC) and two Deputy On-Scene Commanders and recommendations for future Iraq deployments. The topics of discussion ...
This document is an email to redacted FBI officials seeking guidance regarding military request to interview Special Agents in the field in Afghanistan on detainee abuse and deaths. Patrick Kelley responds that National Security Law Branch is ...
Oct. 30, 2009
Patrick Kelly
[Redacted] (OGC) (FBI)
Patrick Kelly, Frankie Battle, Thomas J. Harrington
The document is an internal FBI memorandum, regarding a request to establish a pre-deployment training program for FBI personnel who deploy to Afghanistan. The memorandum includes a cost analysis as well as a preliminary draft syllabus.
June 15, 2011
Non-legal Memo
Gary M. Bald, Thomas J. Harrington, Frankie Battle, Willie T. Hulon, Arthur M. Cummings, II
The document is a detailed meeting agenda for the SAAC Executive Council Conference held at the FBI Headquarters from September 28 through 30, 2004.