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Three Photos of Detainees at Warhorse Detention Center all are redacted.
Army PowerPoint Presentation re: Slides of Instructions for Patrols of Anti-coalition Mosques
US personnel captured an Afghani male, 25-27 years of age on or about 11/04/03. When processed by USSF medical staff, he had several bruises to his hips, groin and buttocks area (some severe to minor) and numerous burns to his chest. The Staff ...
Dec. 21, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Investigative File, Photograph

Investigation into the death of detainee Obeed Hethere Radad at Camp Packhorse, Tikrit, Iraq. A specialist from the 4th Fwd. Support. Bn., 4ID, shot and killed Mr. Radad, without first issuing warnings as required under the Rules of ...

Nov. 08, 2004
Investigative File (CID), Photograph
Jacqueline J. Scott, Kevin J. Palgutt, David A. England
Obeed Hethere Radad
Physical assault, Other