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This report provides detailed information into the death of Zaid Muhammed Tariq, an Iraqi national detainee. On August 22, 2003, at the Dakota EPW Holding Cell officers found Mr. Tariq on the floor of his cell, cell 14, having convulsions. The ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Investigative File (AR 15-6), Interview (Statement)
Zaid Muhammed Tariq
Physical assault
Army AR 15-6 investigation into "soldier misconduct" involving soldiers placing a detainee between the hood and brush guard of a Humvee and driving him around. Allegations also included: Maltreatment of detainees; theft of private property; and ...
Apr. 18, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Investigative File (AR 15-6), Interview (Statement)
Raymond T. Odierno
Physical assault
The interviewee, a Sergeant First Class with the 229th Military Police Company. Recounted the beating of a detainee after detainee was suspected of being involved in a mortar attack of a camp. The interviewee recalled two soldiers approaching a ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Interview (Statement)
Physical assault, General
Statement by Todd Huizinga First Secretary at the U.S. Mission to the EU to European Parliament re: Public Hearing on Guantanamo Bay Detainees. Summarizes U.S. policy on Guantanamo detainees - specifically, that the capture and detention of enemy ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Interview (Statement)
Todd Huizinga
Todd Huizinga