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This internal CIA email correspondence from June 2003 discusses the potential tasking for IC psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen as well as concerns about their role as contractors.
Sept. 20, 2006
Bruce Jessen, James Mitchell
Abu Zubaydah
EIT, SERE, Use of water, Waterboarding
This June 20, 2003 email describes the role of psychology in the CIA Renditions and Detention Group's HVTI (high value terrorist interrogation) program, specifically the work of Psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen.
Dec. 20, 2016
Bruce Jessen, James Mitchell
The general scope of the email is the treatment of detainees, enemy prisoners of war (EPWs) and 'illegal combatants.' The author mentioned that he/she did not believe a particular team was following the rules outlined in Army Regulation 190-8. ...
Email from Diana Valderrama to Jonathan Crock and Ronald W. Miller in response to the Embassy in Mexico City requesting guidance in answering an Amnesty International inquiry on the treatment of detainees who are children. Ms. Valderrama's ...
Dec. 17, 2004
Diana Valderrama
Jonathan M. Crock | Ronald W. Miller
Christopher N. Camponovo, Jonathan M. Crock, Ronald W. Miller
Emails between Ronald W. Miller and Christopher N. Camponovo in response to a query by the Mexico City Embassy requesting information on children detained at Guantanamo. Mr. Miller responds that the DoD will only acknowledge that all detainees at ...
Dec. 17, 2004
Ronald W. Miller
Christopher N. Camponovo
Ronald W. Miller, Christopher N. Camponovo
Email details an agent's orientation, notes, meetings and briefings upon arriving at Guantanamo, including touring Camp Delta and Camp IV. Document mostly redacted.
Email appears to be personal email to FBI personnel from an unknown sender. Subject: "hello, FBI-Guy" and "the letter". Contents redacted except for "I'll be in at 10:30 Friday morning. I'll check around to see if you're still here at that time."
FBI email describing author's first week at Guantanamo. The email notes the differences between interview styles. The email states "Interesting differences' between the interviewees, as well as interview styles. And definitely areas where I ...
Dec. 15, 2004
Environmental manipulation, Light or sound
Emails between Army Officers re: Request to Have CID Investigate Allegations.
This email pertains to an investigation in to possible violation of law concerning the interrogation of a Bosnian national found that “at the time of the incident, there were no specific guidelines regarding interrogation techniques of detainee ...