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This document is a list of classified DOJ legal advice regarding the CIA's interrogation program dated April 29, 2008.
Aug. 31, 2016
John A. Rizzo, George J. Tenet, Scott W. Muller, John McLaughlin, John A. Rizzo, Steven G. Bradbury
Memo to the CIA Office of the Inspector General providing comments for its Special Review (17pg), with attachments (26pg).
May 27, 2008
Non-legal Memo
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
EIT, Use of water, Waterboarding
DOJ letter regarding ACLU, et al., v. Department of Defense, et al., which states that the CIA has re-reviewed documents concerning waterboarding and produced redacted versions of some of those documents. Letter also mentions that on May 12, ...
May 23, 2008
Letter, Judicial
Michael J. Garcia | Sean H. Lane | Peter M. Skinner
Melanca D. Clark
Michael J. Garcia, Sean H. Lane, Peter M. Skinner
EIT, Use of water, Waterboarding