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This Department of the Army Inspector General report is the result of the Acting Secretary of the Army's February 10, 2004 directive to conduct an assessment of the Army's detainee and interrogation operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The aim ...
Oversight Report
This August 1, 2002 OLC memo from Jay Bybee to John Rizzo discusses whether certain proposed conduct in the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah would violate the prohibition against torture found at Section 2340A of title 18 of the U.S. Code. The memo ...
This email from Jack Goldsmith to Scott Muller discusses the Inspector General Report concerning the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques.
Jack L. Goldsmith
Scott W. Muller
Jack L. Goldsmith, Scott W. Muller
EIT, Use of water, Waterboarding
This May 30, 2005 OLC memo from Steven Bradbury to John Rizzo discusses whether certain enhanced interrogation techniques employed by the CIA in the interrogation of high value al Qaeda detainees are consistent with U.S. obligations under Article ...
Legal Memo
Steven G. Bradbury
John A. Rizzo
Steven G. Bradbury, John A. Rizzo
This report, issued by John Helgerson, examines whether CIA interrogators used unauthorized interrogation techniques on high value detainees, including Abd al-Rahman Al-Nashiri.
Non-legal Memo, Oversight Report, Investigative File
John Helgerson
John Helgerson, James Pavitt
Abd Al-Rahim Al-Nashiri
EIT, Use of water, Waterboarding, Physical assault, Threat, Sleep deprivation
This document is a fax from [redacted], [redacted] Legal Group, DCI Counterterrorist Center, CIA to Steve Bradbury, Office of Legal Counsel, Department of Justice, containing answers composed by the CIA' s Office of Medical Services to the ...
This report details the investigation into the death of Gul Rahman. This re-released report includes a description of psychologist Bruce Jessen and his role in the interrogation of Gul Rahman.
This memorandum from Assistant Attorney General John Bybee to John Rizzo provides the Office of the Assistant Attorney General's view on whether certain proposed conduct during the interrogation of al Qaeda Operative Abu Zubaydah would violate ...
This memorandum from Steven Bradbury to John Rizzo analyzes whether certain enhanced interrogation techniques used by the CIA in the interrogation of high value al Qaeda detainees would violate US law under Article 16. The memorandum concludes ...