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This document lists 21 photographs of Mr. Al-Jamadi. The photos themselves are entirely redacted.
Manadel Al-Jamadi
This CID investigation in to the alleged unlawful shooting death of an unnamed Iraqi male following a firefight. The Report states that on March 20, 2005, in the vicinity of Salman Pak, Baghdad, Iraq, a man who was engaged with coalition forces ...
Chart/List, Investigative File (CID), Notes, Photograph, Medical (Autopsy, Physical (non-death)), Interview (Statement, Summaries/Notes)
Unknown Iraqi Male, vicinity of Salman Pak, Baghdad, Iraq
Physical assault
This CID investigation in to the alleged unlawful shooting death of five (5) Iraqis during a raid on a house near Samara, Iraq. It is reported that as soldiers raided a house looking for certain specific insurgents when they shot the Iraqi ...
Chart/List, Investigative File (CID), Notes, Interview (Statement, Summaries/Notes)
Mahmood, Samara, Iraq, Ahed Oid Latif, Kassim Karim Mahmood, Omar Al Nissani, Omar Karim Mahmood
Physical assault
This chart contains information on suicide attempts made by Guantanamo Bay detainees as of June 10, 2006. The Detainee No. and Date of Event columns are redacted. The Method of Attempt, Number of Attempts, and Prognosis of each attempt are also ...
This document is a list of past OLC advice on interrogation dated October 2, 2007.

A list of the 106 annexes to the Taguba Report.

Oct. 19, 2004
Antonio Taguba, Janis Leigh Karpinski, Thomas Pappas
Investigation Team Witness Interview List. Names on this list are redacted.
Log Book for the 72nd Military Police Company at Abu Ghraib Prison, Aug. 2003
310th Military Police Battalion, Al-Hillah Prison Standard Operating Procedures.
800th Military Brigade Slides of Prison Locations and Lay-out