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No relevant text. [No documents included].
Emails discuss pleas from human rights groups, like Amnesty International, urging the U.S. to not return Uyghur detainees back to China. The detainees are currently being held in Guantanamo Bay, there is fear that if they are returned the Uyghurs ...
Emails between JoAnn J. Dolan, Joshua L. Dorosin, Ronald W. Miller and Others re: PD on Detainees-Strategy Paper. The email has an attachment, not included. the comments from Ms. Dolan are "I assume no one has anything further on this one. Ron: ...
Emails appear to discuss revisions to a document, the document may discuss the Geneva Conventions in Iraq. [Document is not included].
Emails discuss and refer to Questions and Answers: Armitage hearings.
Email mentions an International Committee of the Red Cross package.
Dec. 30, 2004
JoAnn J. Dolan
Joshua L. Dorosin
Monica J. Tillery, Sharon E. Ahmad, Joshua L. Dorosin, JoAnn J. Dolan
Emails refer to a draft cable. [The more recent email is redacted; document is not included].