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Death certificate of Manadel Al-Jamadi accompanied by a CID executive summary of his death. The summary asserts that Al-Jamadi died of a heart attack after being released from Navy Seal Team #7 and the OGA interrogation team. The CID will ...
Jan. 14, 2014
Non-legal Memo, Medical (Death Certificate)
Manadel Al-Jamadi
Physical assault
This is an Army Regulation 15-6 report into a November 22, 2003 raid. Included in the report are sworn statements from individuals involved in the raid. It is stated that the home of an Iraqi target was raided for the purpose of detaining and ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Investigative File (AR 15-6)
Physical assault, General
This memo discusses an official's appointment to Investigating Officer for the purpose of conducting a formal investigation, pursuant to Army Regulation 15-6, into the circumstances surrounding the capture and detention of three Iraqis (a man and ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Non-legal Memo
Physical assault, General, Other
This report provides detailed information into the death of Zaid Muhammed Tariq, an Iraqi national detainee. On August 22, 2003, at the Dakota EPW Holding Cell officers found Mr. Tariq on the floor of his cell, cell 14, having convulsions. The ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Investigative File (AR 15-6), Interview (Statement)
Zaid Muhammed Tariq
Physical assault
FRAGO 383A is a fragmentary Order directing soldiers to treat Iraqi civilians and detainees in a professional manner. The order prohibits the maltreatment of civilians or detainees in Iraq, the order defines maltreatment and provides a number of ...
Jan. 02, 2007
Martin E. Dempsey
Physical assault, Face slap or insult slap, General, Other Humiliation
This transcript of an interview with a First Sergeant of the 314th Military Police Company; 320th Battalion details his deployment, training and equiping his unit for deployment to Iraq in January 2004. His unit was deployed to Camp Bucca, Iraq ...
July 30, 2005
Interview (Transcript)
Physical assault, General, Assault/death, Use of phobias, Threat
This is the verbatim record of the trial of USMC Lance Corporal Walter H. Laak who was tried for abusing detainees. He pleaded to all charges. His punishment was confinement for 120 days; Reduction to pay grade E-1; and discharge from the Marine ...
June 15, 2006
UCMJ (Court-Martial), Judicial (Transcript)
Walter H. Laak
Physical assault
Record of UCMJ Article 15 proceedings relating to CID report 0035-03-CID259-6114. Allegation of misconduct was against a soldier for shooting and killing a detainee during a disturbance in the prison at Camp Bucca, Iraq. The report found that ...
Feb. 15, 2006
Investigative File (AR 15-6)
Geoffrey D. Miller
Ahmes Al-Haddii Yasiree
Physical assault, General
This document is a letter from the defense counsel of an accused soldier for an adjournment in the proceedings for the soldier to be assigned new defense counsel and to allow that new counsel to prepare for trial in the matter. The facts of the ...
Feb. 15, 2006
Non-legal Memo, Letter, UCMJ (Article 32)
Sexual, Assault/death, Family/others, Hooding/Goggling, Physical assault, Threat, Environmental manipulation
This Army memorandum concerns dismissing certain charges against a soldier involved in detainee abuse to avoid Court-Martial proceedings and the legal consequences of such an action. The contents of the memo refers to the soldier accepting a ...
Feb. 15, 2006
Legal Memo, UCMJ (Court-Martial)
Raymond Odierno
Raymond T. Odierno
Physical assault, General