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Email refers to a draft press guidance that appears to concern a Washington Post article discussing the CIA's "assistance in renditions." The email seeks clearance on the press guidance. [Document not included].
State Department email from David W. Bowker to Joshua Dorosin forwarding an email from Evan Bloom on press guidance and talking points on the legal status of the Guantanamo detainees held by the U.S.. Attachment not included.
This State Department email from David Bowker to Joshua Dorosin is the last in a series of emails initiated by JoAnn Dolan to Debbie Daumit with the comment: "Debbie: Hal is up at USUN covering a conference on Terrorism Convention and left a ...
State department cable stating that the Speaker of the House of Commons found that Defense Minister Art Eggleton misled Parliament about when he learned that Canadian Special Forces captured Al-Qaida terrorists and turned them over to the U.S.. ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Colin L. Powell
Peter W. Mason, Colin L. Powell, Sharon E. Ahmad, Condoleeza Rice