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Email from Jonathan Crock to JoAnn Dolan re "Saudi cable" sent to DOD. Doc not listed in DOS log.
Email from Mark W. Libby to Jonathan Crock re: Briefing Request. Remarks: Per Whitaker/Prosper conversation, please prepare a briefing memo for the Secretary's participation in this PC. Please deliver final, fully cleared memo to S/ES-S no later ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Mark W. Libby
Jonathan M. Crock
Jonathan M. Crock, Pierre-Richard Prosper
Email from Clifton Johnson forwarding an article in the Independent (UK) with the headline "Guantanamo treatment is 'monstrous', says law lord", Dated November 26, 2003. The forwarding comments are: "Folks, The story below was in today's ...
Email from Ronald Miller to Jeremy Caddel re: clearance for memo to Kabul from Prosper and Grossman. Mr. Miller's comments are "Amb Prosper spoke with U/S Grossman earlier today about sending this out under his name. Need your immediate clearance ...