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Criminal Investigation Command (CID) report into allegations of assault, cruelty and maltreatment of a detainee by guards at Abu Ghraib. Among the detainee's allegations, he stated that a US Army Sergeant hung him by his arms from the bars of a ...
CID Investigation in to allegations that a Non-Commissioned Officer and soldier from 19th Quartermaster( QM) Company, 240th QM Battalion, pushed an Iraqi civilian into the back of their truck, to an isolated area, robbed him of his watch and ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Investigative File (CID), Photograph
Jacqueline J. Scott, Thom Jones, Nelson van Eck
Physical assault, General

Approximately 73-year-old Iraqi woman reported that she had been subjected to assault and sexual abuse, including being sodomized with a stick and touched in private areas; that she was forced to "swim" in water thrown on ...

Investigation found probable cause to believe that the commander and three other members of Operational Detachment-Alpha 343, 3rd Special Forces Group, had committed the offenses of murder and conspiracy when they lured Mohamed Sayari, an ...

Dec. 30, 2004
Investigative File (CID), Photograph
Jacqueline J. Scott, Thom Jones
Mohammed Sayari

An investigation into the death of, Mohamad Abu Abbas (ISN US 91Z-20039C1), a detainee at Camp Cropper, Baghdad, Iraq. An agent's investigation report states that Mr. Abbas complained of chest pain, and was eventually taken to a medical ...

Nov. 08, 2004
Investigative File (CID), Photograph
John Peterson, Thom Jones, Belinda Knight, Jacqueline J. Scott
Mohamad Abu Abbas