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Emails discuss notes from a Technical Integration Group Engaged in Research (TIGER) Team meeting. The email mentions that Lieutenant Kieth Alexander thinks there may be a pattern between critical events and abuses (e.g. riots-abuses; ...
Email includes an executive summary that discusses the DOA's investigations into detainee abuse, including the different types of support they have received thus far.
In the original email, the author would like to coordinate a meeting concerning detainee operations.
Feb. 15, 2006
James A. Coggin, Donald J. Ryder
Email refers to preparatory interview questions for DOD Officials, Colonel Thomas Pappas, Brigadier General James Coggin, Deputy Commanding General Walter Wojdakowski, Lieutenant General Kieth B. Alexander and Commanding General Donald J. Ryder, ...
Email heavily redacted.
Feb. 15, 2006
Donald J. Ryder
Donald J. Ryder, Thomas J. Romig, James A. Coggin
Emails discuss a meeting with Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld, to discuss the following: detainee deaths, homicides and investigations, Red Cross issues, Migration of interrogation techniques and interrogations (GTMO - Baghram - Iraq), ...
The email is an assessment and review of the necessary training and assets in order to handle detainees in the wake of the Inspector General's report on detainee treatment. Gen. Cody states "as we know we’ve will be doing these missions for a ...