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Most of the emails are completely redacted. The emails that are not redacted, discuss the U.S. government's grant of protection to anti-Tehran groups in Iraq.
Emails discuss and include various news articles, one Reuters article is entitled: "US grants protection for anti-Tehran group in Iraq." The articles report that the United States gave 3,800 Iranian rebels at the Ashraf base in Iraq protected ...
Emails discuss a Reuters article that reports a former head of the Guantanamo Bay jail was sent to U.S. operated prisons in Iraq in order to ensure proper prison conditions.
Statement on International Humanitarian Law and Respect for Human Rights by Douglas Davidson. His statement condemns the allegations of abuse at Abu Ghraib and states that the allegations will be investigated and that offenders will be punished ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Interview (Statement)
Douglas Davidson
Douglas Davidson, Harry R. Melone, Donald H. Rumsfeld, Mark Traecey Patrick Kimmitt, Geoffrey D. Miller, George W. Bush
Letter from Douglas Davidson, U.S. Deputy Representative to the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) re: Revelations of Abuse and Humiliation of Iraqi Detainees by U.S. & Coalition forces in Iraq. Amb. Davidson expressed ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Douglas Davidson
George W. Bush, Geoffrey D. Miller, Mark Traecey Patrick Kimmitt, Douglas Davidson