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Series of emails dealing with responses to QFRs (Questions for the Record) following the Director of the FBI's testimony before the Senate Judiciary on 05/20/2004.

An entirely redacted FBI memo relating to a shooting involving a Special Agent in Afghanistan.  The memo refers to Case ID Number: 315N-HQ-C1406946-E.

List of FBI agents interviewed about interrogations at Abu Ghraib sent to Valerie Caproni with attachments. Attachments include August 2002 memo to Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) about services provided to Guantanamo and emails ...
Email forwarding another email containing two Washington Post articles about Guantanamo interrogation policies, May 21, 2004. The article states "Rumsfeld Approved Harsh Procedures At Guantanamo, Officials Say" and "FBI Chief Tells of ...
FBI emails regarding the maintenance of rosters and records related to Guantanamo.
Dec. 15, 2004
Janice K. Fedarcyk
J. Stephen Tidwell
Janice K. Fedarcyk, J. Stephen Tidwell, Frankie Battle
Email details FBI investigation of mistreatment, abuse or "highly aggressive" treatment of detainees in Iraq that are known or observed by FBI agents who have cycled through Guantanamo. The email states that fourteen (14) agents have witnessed ...
FBI Memo re: To Provide Counterterrorism and CIRG Divisions with a Progress Report. Encloses FBI team "Interrogation Strategy". Document heavily redacted.
The email fowards a Washington Post article that describes the evolotion of the interrogation techniques used on detainees by the DOD. It quotes Sec. Rumsfeld spokesperson Lawrence Di Rita on the matter. It also relates a Senate Hearing where FBI ...