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These emails are a response to for a request for feedback from FBI agents who have cycled through Guantanamo and witnessed detainee abuse. An agent responded and wrote "I did observe treatment that was not only aggressive, but personally very ...
An FBI agent touring Guantanamo witnessed four (4) seperate incidents of detainee abuse, including stess positions, extreme hot/cold rooms, isolation and the use of loud music upon the detainees.
Dec. 15, 2004
Valerie E. Caproni
Valerie E. Caproni
Stress positions, Isolation, Environmental manipulation, Light or sound, Temperature
Emails between Valerie E. Caproni, John F. Curran, T.J. Harrington, and Others re: Reported incidents of possible detainee abuse at Guantanamo Bay. An NAE official reports three incidents he/she witnessed while in Guantanamo Bay on or around ...
Email details FBI investigation of mistreatment, abuse or "highly aggressive" treatment of detainees in Iraq that are known or observed by FBI agents who have cycled through Guantanamo. The email states that fourteen (14) agents have witnessed ...