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This CIA document contains USG's plan to obtain intelligence more quickly from unlawful combatants through interrogation. The plan discusses the current CTC interrogation team for Abu Zubaydah and the plan to train more CIA officers to deploy ...
Dec. 20, 2016
George Bush, Bruce Jessen, James Mitchell
Abu Zubaydah
This article describes "a set of secret rules for the interrogation of high-level Qaeda prisoners" that the Bush Administration, Department of Justice, and CIA adopted after September 11.
This article criticizes the CIA's use of secret detention facilities and its interrogation methods. It states, "several of the CIA's detainees probably have been tortured and "a controversial Justice Department opinion defending such abuse was ...
Mar. 15, 2013
George J. Tenet
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Abu Zubaydah
Use of water, Waterboarding
CIA copy of Washington Post article discussing prisons in Iraq, the CIA's interrogations, and the use of torture and rendition.