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CIA Copy of DOA Inspector General Report re: Detainee Operations

July 21, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 5132
This Department of the Army Inspector General report is the result of the Acting Secretary of the Army's February 10, 2004 directive to conduct an assessment of the Army's detainee and interrogation operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The aim was to conduct a functional analysis of the Army's internment, enemy prisoner of war, detention operations, and interrogation procedures, policies, and practices and to make recommendations for changes or resolutions. "This inspection was not an investigation of any specific incidents or units but rather a comprehensive review of how the Army conducts detainee operations in Afghanistan and Iraq." In the synopsis, the report states, "The abuses that have occurred in both Afghanistan and Iraq are not representative of policy, doctrine, or Soldier training. These abuses were unauthorized actions taken by a few individuals, coupled with the failure of a few leaders to provide adequate monitoring, supervision, and leadership over those Soldiers. These abuses, while regrettable, are aberrations when compared to their comrades in arms who are serving with distinction." The authors of the report state that they conducted inspections of 25 locations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the United States, interviewed 650 officers and soldiers, and reviewed 103 summaries of CID reports of investigation and 22 unit investigation summaries involving detainee deaths or allegations of abuse with a cut-off date of June 9, 2004. "The DAIG did not inspect the U.S. military corrections system or operations at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base during this inspection. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Defense HUMINT Services (DHS) operations were not inspected."